Black; a fashion designer, and White; a writer, are childhood best friends. Their lives past and present, alongside the contrast in who they are, cause a lot of shaky rides, but they always have the solid ground that is their friendship to fall back into and live, one day at a time.

It’s a collection of short stories with themes of friendship, family, mundane but important interactions and the duality of the human soul.


Rating: PG-13
Format: Digital Manga

Disclaimer: While Clippings is lighter in tone, the main story it was taken from deals with themes of depression, self-harm, abuse and death, which are hinted throughout the spin-off, and that may be emotionally challenging and potentially triggering.


Clippings is spin-off from a larger universe; Grey is…, however it works as a standalone story to deliver messages of hope and positivity to its audience of teens, older teens and grownups alike.

The stories shine light on different states of the human condition at its most raw shape, with visual narration that makes it easy to relate to and moves the readers to more familiar grounds than what the complexity of our emotions and thoughts might usually offer.
A series as random and diverse as one person’s journey in life; sometimes it’s heartwarming and puts a smile on one’s face, others it’s a melancholia that leaves one deep in thought.

Written and illustrated by dee Juusan
©2020 All Rights Reserved
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